A Self Serving Journey

Space Chase will rise. It only takes time. As good things normally do.

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few weeks…about the words ‘progress’ and ‘recognition’ and many know when those two words work in harmony, it usually means someone/people are doing something positive. Thinking about this made me think of this clothing line - Will it progress? What am I doing to make it better? Was there any point in designing this line? Your rivals that have lines; how does it feel to watch them surpass you?

A lot of questions like those rotated around my mind these past few weeks, often putting me down and wandering if all this is worth it. Then I realised something…something VERY important. I realised that I can actually do this; it just takes time. Very simple, I know but at times, I lost the thought I had at the very beginning (why I was doing this in the first place). There’s been no slacking in this end - I’ve been steadily doing weekend sketching and designing new concepts in order to further understand digital programs that I have. To help people find themselves…THAT is the motive to produce art/illustrations. That s Space Chase people. And I will NOT stop. No matter how long it takes to produces t-shirts, Space Chase will become known for it’s original meaning. And it will inspire the uninspired. 

Made a little side blog: Sketchsoy


Basically a series of sketches done by me, whichever medium (mostly Photoshop), acting as a sketch dump as I try to both improve and find my style. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to check it out at http://sketchsoy.tumblr.com/

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